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 Brief introduction to environmental protection work of North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. in product technology, technology research and development, production and operation process, actively promote environmental protection, low carbon concept, adhere to green operations, implementing target management, rigorously enforce the energy-saving emission reduction, promote resource efficient, reasonable and recycling, reduce energy consumption in the same time, to carry out the equipment transformation, to achieve the industrial wastewater zero the basic goal of the factory boundary noise emissions, full compliance, reduce environmental impact, to prevent environmental pollution.
In 2014 the company was awarded the Beijing petroleum health safety environmental certification center awarded the "Chinese oil health safety and environmental management system certification", also held in Hebei Province Environmental Protection Bureau issued the "Hebei province pollutant discharge permit" and "radiation safety permit"; won the Hebei provincial safety production supervision and Management Bureau issued a "safety production standard two grade enterprise" and "production safety in Hebei province B level credit enterprise" certificate, company safety and environmental protection and effective work, business activities are legal compliance.
At the same time, the company has trained the staff from the details of the low carbon consciousness of saving resources, and adopted measures such as water saving, electricity saving, paper saving and so on, so as to make efforts for the company's green development and safe development.
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