Protect the main industry, market services, dedication equipment, achievement harmony
Guarantee the main business:
As a China oil subsidiary, to adhere to the oil and gas and petrochemical industry to adapt to the development and protection of oil and gas and petrochemical industry equipment supply for the purpose of improving the ability of independent innovation, improve the production and quality assurance capabilities, to meet the needs of the development of the equipment owners. In the process of ensuring the development of the main industry, enterprises can achieve sustained, effective and rapid development.
Service market:
As a manufacturing enterprise with full participation in the market competition, the market is the foundation and the source of development of the enterprise. To firmly establish the "all adapt to the market and serve the market" concept, based on the internal market and expand the domestic market, big very close to the international market, optimize resources, improve the mechanism, strive to provide the best products and service to meet the market and customers, or guide the equipment manufacturing products market demand, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.
Dedication equipment:
As the backbone of China petroleum equipment manufacturers and suppliers, has always been to guarantee for the development of Chinese oil industry responsibility, adhere to the industrial country, adhere to the leading technology, dedication to excellent product reliability, safety and high quality equipment, the world oil industry, especially, the National Energy Development Corporation to provide strong support equipment.
Achievement harmony:
As a large state-owned equipment manufacturing ball comprehensive, in the enterprise, must straighten out the management system, improve the incentive mechanism, stimulate the vitality of the business, to achieve all kinds of industrial and business development, the overall coordination of various groups of employees and the overall harmony and stability; outside the enterprise, to strengthen the cooperation with customers and partners, and actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, to promote local economic development. Harmonious coexistence of enterprises and stakeholders, harmony between man and nature, enterprise and environment.