North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. technology center has the quality of spiral welded pipe forming, welding, nondestructive testing, chemical testing, mechanical design, electrical technology and other professional and technical personnel 40 people, including college and above personnel 33 people, 11 senior engineers, 15 engineers, 4 senior technicians, 2 skill experts. Dedicated to spiral submerged arc welded pipe technology research and equipment manufacturing capability, continuously improve product quality of spiral submerged arc welded pipe.
In the joint efforts of R & D team, successfully developed X70 steel grade spiral submerged arc welded pipe, and widely used in the west east gas project, Shaanxi Beijing pipeline engineering, China Myanmar gas pipeline project, India Bo - Bangalore pipeline engineering; September 2004 batch of successful development of X80 grade steel spiral submerged arc welded pipe, and applied in Jining engineering; by the end of 2007, the development of X80 grade steel with a diameter of 1219 mm * 18.4mm spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe success, becoming the first domestic X80 steel qualified suppliers, and applied in the west east second-line, three line pipe engineering; in 2010, the company took the lead in successfully developed grade X100 Phi 1016 * 15.3mm, X90 and X120 with 1422 * 15.3mm steel grade spiral submerged arc welded pipe; in 2013 the development of X80 steel grade OD1422 spiral welded pipe and spiral welded pipe 0.8 coefficient of success, and to achieve the 0.8 design coefficient of X80 steel Phi 1219 * 16.5mm spiral submerged arc welded pipe industrial application technology, an increase of 504 million 350 thousand yuan, increasing efficiency of Science (including savings) 39 million 175 thousand and 200 yuan.
In large diameter spiral pipe technology research, the research team has developed a low stress molding structure, solve the existing pipe residual stress of spiral submerged arc; the successful development of the steel pipe diameter and grinding end of tube expanding, solve the construction site inspection of mouth and inconvenient problem, promote the application of these technologies to all the west east gas pipeline engineering pipe manufacturers; because the company to make outstanding contributions in the west east gas transmission project, was awarded the "national labor award". The team pay attention to high-speed welding process research, continue to improve the welding speed of each production line, and promote the production capacity of the unit, the welding speed increased from the original 1.20m/min to 1.80m/min, creating considerable economic benefits. At the same time, the implementation of production line information, automation upgrade, the realization of digital control welding pipe units and information management.
R & D team and major domestic steel mills have established close technical cooperation, joint R & D ultra high strength pipeline steel and steel pipe, from X70 to X120 grade, master the core technology, with independent intellectual property rights, to fill the gaps in the field of ultra high strength pipeline steel pipe, steel pipe manufacturing efforts by Chinese the big country to steel manufacturing power process.