Brief introduction of Bohai Equipment Co., Ltd.
North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. known as the 1976 North China petroleum pipe plant. After thirty years of development, the company has become the annual production capacity of 400 thousand tons, sales income of about 3000000000 Yuan, with high grade steel spiral submerged arc welded pipe for leading products, at the same time with the steel pipe anti-corrosion ability, China the strongest comprehensive strength of oil and gas transmission pipe of a manufacturing enterprise.
The company covers an area of about 375 acres, and is adjacent to Beijing, Tianjin, Shi and Ji four cities. It is close to Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Tianjin port and Huanghua port. The location is very favorable. The existing 3 spiral submerged arc welded pipe production line and 1 inner and outer coating production line, can produce the diameter of 219mm mm to 2220mm and wall thickness of 6mm ~ 25.4mm, the highest level of X120 steel spiral submerged arc welded pipe, the steel pipe production and preservation industry chain integration, equipment capability and product performance in the domestic leading the international first-class level.
As the backbone enterprise of China Petroleum Group's steel pipe manufacturing, the company has participated in all the key oil and gas transportation projects in china. It has taken the Shaanxi Beijing line and the second Shaanxi Beijing, Shaanxi Beijing three lines, gas line, west east gas pipeline East gas pipeline, three lines in the East and West, Seninglan pipeline, China Myanmar oil and gas pipelines, noble line, Kazakhstan Shen line, Jin Zheng line pipe production tasks with key projects Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, China and other city network; in the international market has contracted Sultan crude oil pipeline, Indonesia PGN gas pipeline, Algeria gas pipeline, Russia, Kazakhstan in the Turner line of India DBPL gas pipeline, gas pipeline, C line, Tanzania Central Asia natural gas pipeline, Pakistan oil pipeline overseas pipeline pipe production tasks, export all kinds of nearly one million tons of steel. Over the past ten years, the company has accumulated production and sale of various specifications of high-grade oil and gas transmission pipe about 4200000 tons.
North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is committed to scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, and actively lead China's high strength steel pipe manufacturing and pipeline steel research and development, and hit a number of first. The company has a national metal materials and products testing center, with 47 active patents, has won the national science and technology progress award, 2 provincial science and Technology Progress Award for 8, the Bureau of science and technology progress award 54, the level of Technology Innovation Award 56, is China welded pipe academic committee chairman of the unit, the national hi tech enterprise". The company with major steel mills and scientific research institutes have established close technical cooperation, joint development of ultra high strength pipeline steel and welded pipe technology research and development, from X70, X80 to X90, X100, X120, to fill the gaps in the field of ultra high strength pipeline steel, a strong impetus to the Chinese from steel pipe manufacturing country to steel pipe manufacturing power forward.