North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. has won the "national customer satisfaction Enterprise", "national labor Award", "west to east gas pipeline engineering advanced collective", "Hebei Province Foreign Investment advanced technology enterprise", "national high tech enterprise", "Central Asia - the western part of the West Second advanced collective" honorary Title of "China"; oil and gas transmission pipe brand won the "Chinese brand", "petroleum industry customer satisfaction products" and "Chinese petroleum and chemical industry well-known brand products" and other honorary titles.

North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the "company") is Chinese petroleum steel pipe manufacturing enterprises, is the predecessor of Huabei Petroleum Steel Pipe Factory was established in 1976.
The company's existing manufacturing base in Qingxian County, Hebei Jiangsu Yangzhou and Xinjiang Urumqi three large high grade oil and gas transmission pipe, oil and gas transmission pipe products annual production capacity reached 700 thousand tons, the annual sales income of 5 billion yuan or more. After thirty years of efforts, the steel products R & D and manufacturing strength in the leading domestic and international advanced level, marketing to the national oil and gas fields and in Asia, Africa and Europe, America, Australia and other more than 30 countries and regions.

North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. takes 
the core value of “Pursue Preeminence, 
Reciprocate in Sincerity”
North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. takes the core value of “Pursue Preeminence,Reciprocate
 in Sincerity”, operates with credibility and integrity, manages with scientific methods iand 
 returns the customers with high quality products and high grade services.
North China Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. the physicochemical properties of the laboratory testing equipment and environmental facilities, meet products such as steel plate, mechanical properties, metallographic examination, chemical analysis and laboratory detection ability, good detection environment and facilities.